Trial Session £1
Single Session £4
8 Session Course £20
Unlimited Membership* £30 per month
*Members can have up to 3 sessions per day, min term 6 months


FLABéLOS is the ultimate whole body vibration workout machine that gives your body the benefit of a one hour workout in just 10 minutes!!!

Quick and easy to use, no need to get changed into gym gear, just stand on the platform!

FLABéLOS will have you noticing and feeling a difference immediately!



  • Get a Full Body Workout in just 10 Minutes!
  • Save Time and Energy – Acheiving fab results
  • Wear normal clothes, work out in complete privacy
  • Get in shape – Stay in shape!


Benefits of Membership

  • Similar price to the Gym – but more fun
  • Double Sessions at NO EXTRA COST
  • Come every day if you like!
  • Save £££’s compared to buying courses


How FLABéLOS Works?

The FLABéLOS machine is a new training tool – Through research and clever technology, vibration training has been proven to improve and benefit the body in many ways. The Soviets used WBV (Whole Body Vibration) training in the early 1970′s for their professional and Olympic athletes. However today, decades later, not only is it available to you but the technology is even more advanced, creating even more proven benefits.

The OTO FLABéLOS is really easy to use. Simply stand on the machine, put your feet apart then select your desired programme level. The alternating tilting movement of the platform works continuously through a sequence of vibration levels during a 10 minute session. The OTO FLABéLOS employs a ‘pivotal’ system that oscillates just like the action of a seesaw. This sends out a fast sequence of vibrations specifically designed to trigger and stimulate muscle walls. The further apart you position your feet (or hands) the greater the force transmitted through your body.

FLABéLOS CE is the only whole body vibration workout machine to be registered as a Class 2a Medical Device. This means that it can also be safely used and recommended for use by healthcare providers, physiotherapists and patients, with a proven record for pain relief and improvements in mobility.


What is FLABéLOS?

FLABéLOS is one of the most popular whole body vibration machines in the UK over 2,000 health & beauty salons already use and recommend it. It is the ultimate whole body vibration workout machine that gives your body the benefit of a 1 hour workout in just 10 minutes. Quick and easy to use FLABéLOS will have you noticing and feeling a difference immediately!


How much do you need to use FLABéLOS to get results?

It goes without saying that doing just 1-2 sessions a week won’t make a significant difference. We recommend at least 3-4 sessions each week, just as you would do with conventional exercise. After around 3 weeks (maybe even before!) you should start seeing some results. You can use FLABéLOS a lot more than this though – It is perfectly safe to do up to 3 x 10 minute sessions in a day. We don’t recommend doing anymore than this as the legs can become sore (remember that 3 sessions is the equivalent of a 3 hour workout!). Some of our unlimited clients will do multiple visits in the same day!


How often can I use the FLABéLOS machine?

It is perfectly safe to use FLABéLOS every day! The machines are high impact on your muscles but low impact on your joints meaning it is completely safe to use the machines daily.


Does it actually work?

One of the most popular searches people make before finding our site is this exact question. And the answer is absolutely YES! We’ve helped many clients fit into that all important outfit, drop pounds before a holiday or simply just squeeze regular exercise into their busy schedules.


Do I have to do exercises on the machine?

The simple answer is no, making FLABéLOS an extremely convenient way to keep in shape. Because of the oscillating nature of the machine, it works your whole body at once. This means that you can achieve results just by standing on the platform! There are however difference stance changes you can do whilst wobbling which will target different areas of the body (i.e. upper body, arms, bum etc) and we have posters indicating these at the studio, or we can demonstrate them for you if that makes it easier!


I want to give FLABéLOS a go – do I need to book?

Absolutely not! Our lovely studio operates a drop-in service, none of our clients need to book in for their 10 minute session! On your first visit there is a short form to pop all your details on, and a few questions to check you are OK to use the machines. We’ll then give you a brief overview of how the machines work and what you can expect to gain out of using them. Most people are in our studio no longer than 15 minutes when having their first session. And remember your first session is only £1 with no obligation to buy.


What should I wear?

Anything you like! One of the many great things about FLABéLOS is that it won’t make you sweat, so come wearing whatever! All you need to do to use the machine is pop off your shoes and make sure you are wearing socks. We do have single use socks available from reception for £1.


Are there any medical restrictions I should know about?

There are a few medical contra-indications which may prevent some people from using FLABéLOS. We have a brief form to check these out before your first session. Should one of the contra-indications listed below apply to you, you are not necessarily excluded from using the FLABéLOS machine but we would advise checking with your doctor first. Some of the contra-indications are:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes (if under treatment this may be OK)
  • Pregnancy or recently post-natal
  • Recent surgery / wounds (last 3 months)
  • Epilepsy
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Tumours / Acute hernia
  • Pacemakers
  • Severe migraine / Discopathy / Spondylosis
  • Severe back pain / Artificial joints
  • Recent IUD’s / Coils / Metal pins / Bolts
  • Acute diseases / Inflammation processes


Is vibration training safe?

Yes, very! The FLABéLOS machine utilizes a very specific frequency range and pivotal motion that is proven in research to be safe and effective.


Is there much research behind this technology?

Vibration training has 40 years of research behind its science. Whole Body Vibration has been featured in such prestigious and influential peer reviewed journals such as ‘Spine‘, ‘Journal of Bone and Mineral Density‘, and ‘Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise‘. With its potential applications, new research is constantly being initiated across numerous North American and European Universities. There are currently over 800 research reports that are available to view. We have two binders of research & scientific findings that are available for anyone to view at our studio.


Is there an age limit?

There is no upper age limit. There is a lower age limit of 18.


Is there a weight limit?

Our FLABéLOS machines have a maximum permitted weight of 150kg which is approximately 23 and a half stone.


How will I feel after my first session?

After your first session with us you might feel a variety of things, after all your body has had a workout! The most common feeling is itching – this is completely normal and actually a very good thing! It demonstrates that the blood in your body is circulating well and coming to the surface of your skin. Other first-timers have reported stitches and sore legs…all completely normal as the body gets used to the type of exercise. The feeling subsides very quickly and often after 2-3 sessions these side effects completely disappear.