Gels etc.

SNS Colour
We can apply this system to your natural nail in a huge range of colours (to have a french finish add £3)
Gelish / Crystal-G / OPI Gel
The best bands in the widest range of colours – same price for hands or feet (to have a french finish add £6)
Add strength to your nails with acrylic or hard gel – choose natural or french (to have a gel colour on top add £8)
Full Set £20
Infills £18
Platinum Detox Foot Spa
Relax and purify your body (price is per person, max 3 together) 
Soak-off (gels) +£6
Soak-off (acrylics) +£9
File-off (hard gel) +£12
These removals are priced to be combined with a new set – for removal only add £3



SNS Tips
Similar to acrylics but kinder to your nails, choose french, natural or a wide range of colours for the same price.
Full set £20  Infills £18
Acrylic Tips
The classic technique with either a french or natual finish (to have a gel colour on top add £8)
Full set £20  Infills £18
Only the most skillful technicians can perform this method which produces a more natural look – french or naural (to have a gel colour on top add £8)
Full set £25 Infills £18
Glitter / Encapsulated / Nail art etc.
We have 50 glitters, plus 100’s of other options like crushed shells and cracked ice, we can also do nail art or multiple colours.


Thai Manicure and Pedicures

Hat Yai Fresh Mani or Pedi
Spa, cuticles, moisture 
Yala Soft Skin Mani or Pedi 
Spa, cuticles, moisture, scrub hard skin reduction
Songkhla Complete Mani or Pedi 
Spa, cuticles, moisture, scrub hard skin reduction, massage deep heat treatment (mitts/booties) 
Our manicures and pedicures are priced to be combined with another nail treatment. To have a standalone treatment to include OPI Lacquer or natural top coat, add £4.


Your unique five point guarantee

  1. We guarantee that SunCity19 will deliver an equal or better nail treatment than you’ve had at any competing salon in the area. Why go elsewhere? We’re the best AND we charge you less!
  2. We guarantee to stock a comprehensive range of well over 100 gels, powders and polishes for you to choose from. We aim to offer you the widest selection of brands and colours in the area.
  3. We guarantee that your technician is fully qualified to do your treatment having completed in-house traning and an external assessment to earn the relevant insurance backed certification.
  4. We guarantee that we only use the best products and equipment. Our salon is authorised by SNS, Gelish, OPI, Crystal-G and NSI. Don’t risk damage to your nails with the use of cheap products.
  5. We guarantee that you can have as many hot or cold drinks as you require during your treatment, including fresh ground Kenco Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, spring water, Pepsi, 7-up and Fanta.

If we fail to deliver on these promises, we’ll get it right 2nd time! – Free.

If we fail to satisfy you again, you will receive a full refund, plus £10.