60 Points Course

Because you need several sessions to gradually build a tan, it’s cheaper to buy a course.  You can use any of our sunbeds and your points will never expire, so any left over points can be saved for a rainy day.  Get the best tan in town and look amazing! 

Regular stand-up sunbeds and the leg tanner use 1 point per min.

Megasun stand-up and lie-down sunbeds use 2 points per min.


Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Prices for regular stand-up sunbeds & the leg tanner 

  4 mins @ £2.95
  6 mins @ £3.95
  8 mins @ £4.95
10 mins @ £5.95
12 mins @ £6.95

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Prices for Megasun stand-up & lie-down sunbeds

£1 per minute 

Accelerator Creams
We always recommend accelerator cream for every tanning session. It’s not the stuff you slap on when you hit the beach – there is no SPF – it hydrates, and actually boosts your skin’s natural melanin production to help it turn brown! Our staff will help you choose from our great selection of specifically formulated, sunbed cream. If you want to achieve your ultimate colour, then don’t tan without it!

Sachets from £1.95
Bottles as priced

Eye Care & Hygiene
Ensure you protect your eyes when you tan, by wearing CE approved eye wear. Whether you prefer our funky selection of eye shields, or the disposable ‘Wink-Ease’ – the choice is yours!

Eye Shields @ £4.95
Wink-Ease @ 30p
Fresh Wipes @ 30p


Your 2 week tan guarantee…

  1. To qualify for the ‘two week tan guarantee’ simply visit our salon 7 times within 14 days, as per the programme tailored to your particular skin type.
  2. Follow our sensible advice to gradually build up your tan via regular and gradual UV exposure using our excellent equipment and products.
  3. By completeing the two week programme you will achieve a great base tan ready for a special occasion, or as the perfect preparation for a beach holiday.
  4. Ensure you wear the recommended accelerator cream, and ensure you protect your eyes by wearing CE approved eye protection.
  5. Remember – to maintain or improve your new tan, you will require further tanning sessions or spray tans, as recommended by our trained staff.

If you complete the two week programme as instruced, and do not achieve results that you are happy with, you will receive a free spray tan.


Tanning Advice & Guidelines…

Please read the following for optimum safety when using sunbeds;
  • An indoor sunbed should be treated with the same caution as normal sunlight.
  • It is recommended that an interval of approximately 24 hours is left between each tanning session, and approximately 48 hours after the first session. Never repeat tanning if any soreness remains from previous sunbathing or tanning.
  • The sunbed timers are set by the receptionist and can be switched on by the customer.
  • The red emergency button in each sunbed will immediately switch the sunbed off. If you press the emergency button, please inform a member of staff.
  • Always remove contact lenses if worn, and wear CE approved eye wear. Keep eyes closed and avoid looking directly at the light tubes. Always use eye protection.
  • It is recommended that make-up, lipstick, perfumed body lotions and sprays are removed before using a sunbed. No suntan preparations or lotions should be applied unless they are specifically formulated for use on sunbeds. Suitable accelerator creams are available from reception. DO NOT USE solarium oil sprays in this salon.
  • Do not follow or preceed your sunbed session with any other form of heat treatment including hot baths, saunas, waxing, use of dipliatories or normal sunbathing.
  • DO YOU: Suffer from ill effects of normal sunbathing, epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition, high blood pressure, hormone irregularities, headaches/migrane, hypertension, fainting/gigginess, prickly heat, cold sores, moles, allergies?
  • ARE YOU: Currently under medial supervision; prescribed or taking any form of drug, ointment/lotion, anti-biotic or tranquiliser; pregnant or hyersensitive to light?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please seek medical advice to ensure optimum safety when using sunbeds or sunbathing normally.